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Superintendent's Message [9]

Superintendent's Message [9]

Will You GROW This Summer?

I believe that many people look at summer as their time to relax, take a break, unwind and get away for a bit.  As much as I believe that we all need these periods of time away to refresh and recharge I also believe that summer is at time to GROW!


The mission of Dayton Independent Schools is to Inspire, Engage, and Grow each of our Students.  This summer we have planned some amazing opportunities for students to design, create, perform, and present.  Some examples are a Summer Musical, engaging 21st Century summer classes, middle school and high school theme based learning with educational field trips, preschool enrichment, and much, much more!  Both schools have developed a multitude of opportunities and I encourage you to contact your school leaders for additional information. 


Here are some facts to support that what occurs over the summer is key to a child’s overall success:

  • All young people experience learning losses when they do not engage in educational activities during the summer. Research spanning 100 years shows that students typically score lower on standardized tests at the end of summer vacation than they do on the same tests at the beginning of the summer.
  • Children lose more than academic knowledge over the summer. Most children—particularly children at high risk of obesity—gain weight more rapidly when they are out of school during summer break.
  • Parents consistently cite summer as the most difficult time to ensure that their children have productive things to do.

Three things that I would like to suggest each of us do EACH day this summer:

  1.  Walk around the block and get to know your neighbor and neighborhood.
  2.  Eat an apple a day.  It is a simple step in a positive direction towards improved wellness.
  3.  Read!  Reading is the fuel for your mental factory.  What is fueling you?


Inspire, Engage, and Grow


Jay Brewer


2023 - Life Skills Students