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Special Education

Special Education Informational Site

What do I do if I suspect a student with a disability?

Dayton Special Education Referral Process

Dayton Pre-Referral Documentation

District Evaluation Checklist


This site is broken down into sections.  These sections are Forms, IEP Development, Parent Resources, and Regulating Documents.

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IEP Development

Parent Resources

Regulating Documents


Forms Top
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01F Motor Screening
02F Physician Questionnaire
03F Anecdotal Beh Observation Form
04F Initial Social developmental history
05F Re-eval social developmental history
06F Request for Records
07F ARC Cover Letter
KDE Policy Letter - Eligibility Question and Answer
KDE Policy Letter - Referral, Evaluation and Eligibility
LRE Stop Light and 3-5 LREs
Medicaid Statement_SpeechLanguageServices 6-2014

ARC Member Not in Attendance Form


Parent Not in Attendance Form

Pre/Post ARC Checklist

IEP Development Top
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Collaborative Teaching Practices for Exceptional Children - Question and Answer Document
IEP and Lesson Plan Development Handbook
IEP Guidance Document July 2017  
SDI Manual
Parent Resources Top
Regulating Documents Top
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Kentucky Administrative Regulations
Procedural Safeguards Notice

Nicole Ponting

Director of Special Education/Early Childhood Learning

Dayton Independent Schools

Phone: (859) 491-6565