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Superintendent's Message

Superintendent's Message [1]



Here is a November challenge for you:  How long can you be still? 


This means that you are alone, no noise, no phone, no computer and no distractions.  Just you.  On top of this – try to empty your mind and think of nothing.....


This practice of sitting alone without thought is called stillness.  And it is incredibly beneficial for our mental health. 


Finding time to be still is challenging, especially as we head into the fast-paced holiday season.  During these holiday times, you have so many obligations – holiday parties, family gatherings, shopping, decorating, cooking – the list never ends.  Often the last thing you are thinking about is doing something for yourself.


The benefits of stillness are many.  They include things such as: reducing stress, improving your ability to let the small things go, anchoring you to being present, bringing greater clarity and perspective, improving your ability to sleep, as well as your overall health.  And it might just allow us to be a little bit nicer to ourselves and others.


Along this same line, take time this November to listen to your home.  Is it ever quiet?  Is it ever still?  Often, we leave the TV on all day and never really think about the constant noise it is making.  Can we create moments in which our homes are still?


Do something for yourself this holiday season that will ultimately benefit both you and others.  Learn to be still.


Respectfully submitted,


Jay Brewer

Proudly serving as Superintendent of Dayton Independent Schools