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Employee of the Month


Employee of the Month

Click Here to nominate an employee that you feel works hard to Inspire, Engage, and Grow our students!


Past Employees of the Month

August 2017- Gina Byrd

May 2017- Jennifer Erdman

April 2017- Sherry Clifton

March 2017- Dillon Mears

February 2017- Michelle Litzler 

January 2017- Melissa Frederick

December 2016- Lisa Seyberth

November 2016- none this month

October 2016- Shena Hagaman

September 2016- Beth Fields-Hunt

August 2016- Heather Stuempel

May 2016- Troy Clifton

April 2016- Brian Volpenhein

March 2016- Marti Jo Griffith

February 2016- Julie Rubemeyer

January 2016- Shirley Edwards

December 2015- Chad Montgomery

November 2015- Amanda Berringer

October 2015- Anna Muennich

September 2015- Tim Chenot

August 2015- Sherri Chan  

May 2015- Rian Embry

April 2015- Heather Cook-Kiefer

March 2015- Heather Dragan

February 2015- Steve Ackerson

January 2015- Barb Berringer

December 2014- Eric Reynolds

November 2014- Wes Newsome

October 2014- Linda Eddy

September 2014- Angela Gumm-Buschle

August 2014- Karen Fuchs