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The vision of Dayton Independent Schools is to be a proficient district.  We are steadily closing in on that goal.  The mission of Dayton Independent Schools is to Inspire, Engage, and Grow each of our Students.

The Dayton Independent School system serves the small river community of Dayton, Kentucky.  Nestled along the Ohio River, Dayton Independent Schools is one of five urban city schools along the Ohio River in Kentucky across from Cincinnati.  The school district has a population of nearly 1,000 students (Preschool through 12th grade).  The local community is rich in history and is on the cusp of a major real estate development along its riverbank.   There is a strong sense of local pride and support from the community.

Dayton Middle/High School is a 7 - 12 building with roughly 350 students.  Lincoln Elementary School is a preschool through 6th grade building with approximately 650 students.

Dayton is a very close knit community where many generations of the same families have attended Dayton Schools. Both schools in Dayton are Title I schools with a Youth Service Center located at the high school and a Family Youth Resource Center located at the elementary school.  Our faculty at the high school is comprised of 29 certified teachers, 1 guidance counselor, 2 administrators, and 10 classified staff members.  Our faculty at the elementary school is comprised of 36 teachers, 2 guidance counselors, 2 administrators and 11 classified staff members.  Our student to teacher ratio is approximately 20 to 1.

The teachers, students, and community of Dayton Independent Schools have deep roots in Northern Kentucky and a proud tradition in academics, arts, and athletics.   The school community takes pride and careful consideration when working with the students in this district. As a small community, everyone knows everyone, and looks out for one another.  In many instances children in this district have had both parents and grandparents attend Dayton Independent Schools.  In fact, it is not completely unusual for students' great grandparents to have attended Dayton Independent Schools.  Teachers understand the pride this school has in its deep-seated traditions and customs and enjoy working in a school system with over 100 years of tradition.

The staff of Dayton School District, in partnership with the parents and community, guide all students in a safe and stimulating environment to develop realistic visions and goals.  The mission of Dayton Independent Schools is to Inspire, Engage, and Grow each of our Students. In the spring of 2014, the district engaged its stakeholders in meetings after school with community members including parents, business owners, students, and teachers to create this new mission statement.  Teachers and administrators believe that all students in Dayton Independent Schools are capable of reaching college readiness and career readiness.  Students at Dayton are encouraged to do their best no matter what barriers they may have or adversity that is in their way.

The district has been proactive in securing grants to provide additional staff support and programming for students.  One grant that has been funded is our professional school counselor grant that resulted in two full-time school counselors at Dayton High/Middle School and a "part time" school counselor that works four days a week at Lincoln Elementary.  Additionally, the high/middle school has been awarded a $75,000 21st Century Grant in collaboration with our local YMCA Youth Center for after school tutoring, programming, and activities.  Currently, the 21st Century coordinator is being housed in the high/middle school to provide complete collaboration between the YMCA and our school. Dayton Schools is a model "One to One Reading" and "One to One Math" district.  Our entire district leadership team, the board chairperson, and the board vice-chair serve as reading coaches.   We continue to have great community volunteers serve as coaches. This school year, in partnership with the city of Dayton, the city administrator, main street manager, and other city leaders serve as "One to One Reading Coaches."

The district is moving forward in many ways.  There have been numerous parent/community events such as Student Led Conferences, Big Box of Books Events, Fun Nights, and the latest addition of a Born learning Academy.  We have also had an increased focus on early childhood education as we have added Head Start and an all-day Children's Inc. preschool classroom.   We have worked to improve our overall communication in the district by improving the webpage, maintaining a district Facebook page, conducting several surveys, and twice a year, having a meeting in which the board of education and the local school councils come together to assess and plan progress. Dayton Schools have also made a concentrated effort to increase communication via monthly articles in the Dayton Community News and Bellevue/Dayton Sun. We have also expanded relationships with Northern Kentucky University and Gateway College to improve opportunities for students post high school.


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