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About Us

Our Mission

The Mission of Dayton Independent Schools is to INSPIRE, ENGAGE, and GROW each of our Students.

We INSPIRE our students through our actions, our stories, and our beliefs so they can become whatever they want to become.

WE believe in leading by example.
WE believe motivation is driven by passion.
WE believe attitude drives ability.
WE believe enthusiasm is contagious.

We ENGAGE our students in learning experiences that allow for each student to be an active and passionate learner.

WE believe our students should be challenged at all levels.
WE believe every student has the ability to learn and achieve.
WE believe understanding is more important than remembering.
WE believe learning needs to be Active, Authentic, and Applied.

We GROW our students into life-long learners who are successful members of their community.

WE believe success comes from hard work.
WE believe in progress.
WE believe growing is continuous.
WE believe perseverance is part of learning.