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Curriculum Timelines Last Updated: 9/2/2020 7:58 PM

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Below are the curriculum timelines for each grade level and content area at Lincoln Elementary School and Dayton High School.


 Dayton Independent Schools Curriculum Timelines

Lincoln Elementary School Dayton High School               

Primary Timelines - ELA

English Timelines

English 7

1st Grade English 8
2nd Grade English 9
3rd Grade English 10
Primary Timelines - Math English 11
Kindergarten English 12
1st Grade Math Timelines
2nd Grade Math 7
3rd Grade Math 8
Intermediate Timelines Algebra I

English Timelines

4th Grade English Algebra II
5th Grade English Precalculus
6th Grade English Advanced Topics
Math Timelines Science Timelines

4th Grade Math

Science 7
5th Grade Math Science 8
6th Grade Math

Integrated Science

Science Timelines Biology
4th Grade Science Chemistry
5th Grade Science Environmental Science
6th Grade Science Physics
Social Studies Timelines Social Studies Timelines
4th Grade Social Studies 7th Grade Social Studies
5th Grade Social Studies 8th Grade Social Studies
6th Grade Social Studies Integrated Social Studies
Special Area Timelines U.S. Survey
Art U.S. History
Health/PE Psychology/Sociology
Library Business Timelines
  Digital Literacy
  Microsoft Office
  Financial Literacy
  Business Communications
  Arts/Humanities Timelines
  MS Art
  Art I
  Art II
  Art III
  HS Band
  Health/Physical Education
  MS Health/PE
  Advanced PE