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Dayton Schools, Reopening Plan

Greendevil Community,                                                                                    August 3, 2020

I hope all is well for you and your families.  We are clearly in unprecedented times as we look to reopen our school buildings for teaching and learning this fall.

I realize there is not a re-opening plan that will fully satisfy all stakeholders.  Any plan that is created will have positive and negative aspects.  My hope is that the plan we create is one that most people can agree to be reasonable based on the circumstances and perspectives.

Attached you will find our plan as of today.  And I stress as of today.  We know that our situation is fluid and this school year is going to be an incredible journey filled with many twists and turns.  We will plan, pivot, pause and proceed many, many times.

Please review the link that contains our plan.

Our school leadership teams are currently working on class schedules and assignments.  Shortly, our students will be notified if they are in a morning or afternoon group.

I have great confidence that no matter the course we take, our Greendevil community will be strong and united in our effort to safely educate our students. 

Don’t underestimate yourself, our students, and our community.

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