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 It is amazing what can be accomplished when a group of people come together to move a project forward.   A perfect example of this is what occurred on Friday, July 27 and Saturday, July 28.  During these two days over 90 students, parents, teachers, administrators, alumni, and community members came together to prep and paint Davis Stadium.  We want to spotlight the efforts of Mr. Tim Chenot, Lincoln Elementary teacher and Youth Football League Director, and Mr. Ron Kinmon, Director of Pupil Personnel, for their efforts in organizing this event.  We also want to thank the students, including members of both the football and soccer teams, for their efforts to support this project.   This was truly a TEAM effort and we thank everyone for contributions, both large and small, of their time and talent.  A good deal of the funds for this project came from the late Mr. Russ Brewer who left a donation that was designated for stadium improvements at Davis Field.  We want to extend a special thanks to Mr. Russ Brewer and his family for their amazing contribution to this project.


Before and After


Davis Field - BeforeDavis Field - After



Davis Field Stands - BeforeDavis Field Stands - After


Thanks to the following individuals who donated

 their time and talent to the Davis Field project.

We would also like to thank Sherwin-Williams for working

with on getting the supplies and paint for this project.

Thank You!!!


Tim Chenot

Ron Kinmon

Jay Brewer

Rick Wolf

Scott Meyers

Keegan Brewer

Will Perry

Tom Brewer

Deion Conley

Rocky Koehler

Danielle Haas

Jade Morris

Mike Walls

Chad Montgomery

Daniel Williams

Joe Tucker

Greg Duty

Casey Cadle

Conner Cadle

Anthony Cadle

Christie Cadle

John Stephens

Morgan Tucker

Shyanna Woods

Jessica Lovins-Holt

Holly Chenot

Katie Brewer

Travis Brewer

Jenny Lovins

Jason DeBruler

Keith Young

Sadie Boles

Maranda Walling

Matt Grimme

Ed Combs

Amy Stephens

Laura Stockton

Dena Siemer

Roy Siemer

Alex Siemer

Marcie Hauger

Lauren Hauger

Anna Pardini

Melissa Hawkins

D. J. Walker

Logan Brewer

Tabitha Jones

Sam Nellis

Noah Schoultheis

Alexis Davis

Jacob Brock

Ashley Sparks

Peggy Sparks

John Matthews

Sally Whalen

Michelle Tucker

Katie McComas

Noelle Brooks

Steve Ackerson

Shannon Demora

Bill Klopp

Emily Klopp

Austin Brockman

Chris Smith

Ashley Smith

Phylis Smith

Faith Smith

Rebecca Holaday

Joe Holaday

Jen Erdman

Shane Messer

Jimi Trent

Eric Reynolds                     

Annalee Brewer

Emma Little

Colin Duty

Grace Duty

Nicole Shewalter

Heather Cook-Kiefer

Ryan Brownfield

Joe Hoffstedder

Keosha Burgress

Jason Schwartz

Tony Ashford

Noah Lucas

Larry Wier

Shannon Downard

Evan Cavanaugh

Bryan Lewallen

Robbie Hayes

Alex Miller

Alan Osborne


Justin Turner

Blake Turner



Images of the Painting at Davis Field






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