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  • Core Life- Week 3

    This week our theme is I can use good manners (courtesy). We will be working each day on this character trait and what this means. Talk with your student at home about what they can do to be courteous and have good manners in all aspects of their daily lives.

  • Core Life- Week 2

    Our core life theme this wek is: I can include everyone. We will be discussing what this means, how we can make it happen, and a goal we have to make it happen. I will be showing them another video, this one titled: True Color by MattyBRaps. I am enjoying the discussions that I get to have with your students as we work to become proud of the people we are becoming!

  • Core Life- Week 1

    Our core life theme for this week is: I can set goals. The kids of done a great job thinking of long term and short term goals. Continue to talk to them about their goals and new goals they want to make. I played them a song throught the week that they really enjoyed, it is called Goall Setting Growth Mindset. Feel free to watch this with them and talk with them about what it means, the quote you see, and how it inspires them (we did this in class as well).

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