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Our biggest focus in my classroom is literacy and language arts.


  • As we progress through the second quarter, we just want to send some strategies for you to use to practice sight words with your child. Some ideas for practicing sight words at home are:

    • Make 2 sets of flashcards for each word. Play memory by having students flip over pairs of cards, read the words, and try to find matches.
    • READ with your child for 15 minutes a night. While reading, search for sight words. Count how many times you see a word in the story.
    • Write words on index cards. Cut the word into letters. Have your child try to unscramble the letters to make the word. Read and/or write the word.
    • Practice using the words in sentences.


    Below in the assignments I have attached the sight words that we have been working on in class for you to use with your child.

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