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Here are some daily routines and procedures in our classroom:

Each student will receive a planner at the beginning of the school year.   The planner will be used to write down the student’s homework each day. This planner will go home each night. Please make sure that this returns to school each day to help your child stay organized!!!   

Graded papers will come home on Mondays in the students' "Home Folder" that is located within their binder.  If students are not bringing home these papers on Mondays, please let me know!

We have 2 main rules:   Be responsible and Be respectful.    Our classroom uses a token economy.  Students will receive buttons for outstanding behaviors. I believe that recognizing the positive things that students  do will help to motivate them socially and academically!   Our classroom token economy used buttons to reward students.  They will be able to exchange their buttons monthly.

25 buttons:  Pick out of the prize box

5o buttons:  Eat Lunch in the Classroom

75 buttons:  Free Pass (to be approved by the teacher)

I want your child to have a successful school year.   I would like them to establish a positive attitude toward school and learning.   Together, we can help your child to achieve this!   

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        3rd Grade Zoo Field Trip
        3rd Grade Zoo Field Trip
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