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The Computer is the Pencil of the 21st Century



For many of us, the pencil or pen was the go to “tool” that we needed for school.  We wouldn’t be found in a classroom without one.  As we know, progress happens, and we now find ourselves living in a world that changes every minute due to advancing technology.  We are excited to announce that Dayton High School will be Engaging in a Digital Conversion Initiative by issuing each student in grades 9 -12 an Apple Macbook Air laptop that will allow them to Grow by encouraging deeper learning, doing more creative and innovative projects, and providing opportunities for greater individualized learning.  These devices will be on loan to students, and they will consider it to be their personal learning tool, for the entire school year.  Students will be able to take these laptops home and extend their learning into the evening and weekends.


Several Northern Kentucky school districts have been providing laptop computers for students and we are proud to Grow forward and join these school systems in providing the most current learning opportunities for our students.  Our district leadership team and high school staff have worked tirelessly to secure grants that will provide funding for the bulk of this initiative.  Our teachers and staff have been highly engaged this past school year in professional learning to ensure that these devices are used to make learning more challenging and Inspiring, not just easier and more fun.


Our mission at Dayton Independent Schools is to Inspire, Engage, and Grow each of our students.  We firmly believe that our students at Dayton deserve the same opportunities that students throughout our state and nation are afforded.  We can no longer allow our students to sit in classrooms without the tools they need to communicate, research, design, create, and collaborate. 


We are proud to take another step forward in improving learning for our students.  Our students are the BEST and deserve the BEST!




Jay Brewer

Proudly serving as Superintendent of Dayton Independent Schools




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