Important Notice Regarding Solar Eclipse and Extended School Day...Dismissal at 3:50 PM on Monday, August 21

As many of you know, next Monday, August 21, we will experience a near total solar eclipse from approximately 1:00-4:00 pm. A solar eclipse occurs when the moon completely covers the sun. While we are not located in the area for a total eclipse, we will still be able to view 93% of totality.
This will be an extraordinary educational opportunity for our students as the last solar eclipse occurred in the USA in 1918. I know many of our schools have already planned special activities or lessons for this day to accompany the event. While the event is extremely exciting for our students, we must also acknowledge the importance of proper eye safety. Our district has purchased NASA-approved, ISO-certified viewing glasses for all students and staff members to help us navigate this day safely. Like any other day, looking directly into the sun without proper protection can damage eye tissue; this becomes much more of a risk when looking at the sky to see an eclipse. Normally, our bodies instinctively protect us from harm via reflexive squinting/blinking and constriction of our pupils in response to the brightness of the sun. During an eclipse, however, the shadow created makes it dark enough to fool our body's natural defense mechanisms, and partial but permanent eye damage may occur without proper eyewear for viewing the eclipse. The risk of eye damage is present for the entire eclipse-1:00-3:50 pm.

The eclipse must only be viewed through ISO-certified glasses. Please help us reinforce this with your students. We encourage teachers to provide the glasses (that the district has purchased) and lead a brief supervised viewing of the eclipse. The glasses must be put on before looking towards the sun. Each child who wishes to participate must have a signed permission slip turned in (see attached.) More information about the solar eclipse can be found at

Since the eclipse will not be over until 3:50 PM, we will delay dismissal to ensure students are not subject to possible eye damage. All students will be dismissed at 3:50 PM. As usual, we will allow for parents to sign out students earlier in the school office if absolutely needed. We will also be requiring a signed permission form for students to be able to participate in this event.



Greatly appreciated!
Let's keep GROWING!

Jay Brewer
Superintendent of Dayton Independent Schools


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